What’s Included in Your Free No-Cost No-Obligation Financial Planning Session?

At ARQ Wealth, we understand the most challenging and overwhelming part of financial and retirement planning can be getting started. That’s where we come in to help.

We understand that it can be intimidating to sit down and go over your finances and retirement goals / plans with a financial firm that tries to get you to sign stacks of documents and make promises of future work together. This often happens before you even get a chance to get to know the advisors at the firm to see if it’s a good fit.

The reason we maintain a 98% client retention rate is that we understand this is a long-term partnership between ourselves and our clients as we help them navigate the challenges of financial and retirement planning.

Therefore, we are offering a no-cost no-obligation financial planning session so that you can get to know our team of experts, go over your current financial/retirement planning situation and provide you with a comprehensive planning summary.

Looking to learn more about exactly what’s included in this no-cost no-obligation financial planning session? We’ve included those details below:

Getting Started

If you are located in the Scottsdale, AZ area you would be able to stop by our office and sit down with one of our expert financial planning specialists. If you are not located in our area of the country, we’d be more than happy to have either a phone or video call with you and your spouse.

Before our financial planning session, we would provide you with a list of information about your current financial situation to prepare for us to review together on the call. This would include info about your retirement accounts, current income, other investments, real estate holdings, debt, etc.

As each financial and retirement planning session is unique, we would walk through where you are in your career, what goals you’re working towards to obtain in your retirement, when you’d prefer to retire, plans for your children to go to college, and many more specific items to gain a better understanding of your situation.

Follow-Up Financial Goal Plan Breakdown

After we have finished our meeting and gained a better understanding of your current financial and retirement situation, we would have our team of experts put together a follow-up PDF breakdown to go over everything that we spoke about.

This would be including, but not limited to:

  • Personal Information and Summary of Financial Goals – This intro section of the report will break down your current combined income with your spouse, basic living expenses to be expected, expenses for financial goals in retirement, and other key factors.
  • Net Worth Summary – This next section of the report includes a chart breakdown of your current net worth that’s broken down into a few categories such as individual retirement accounts, taxable and/or tax-free accounts, and home / personal assets. This breakdown will give you an overview of what your current net worth is and you’ll be able to compare that to your liabilities/debt.
  • Retirement Distribution Cashflow Chart – This includes several charts to go over the best and most tax-efficient ways to distribute your retirement savings from various sources throughout the years of your retirement. This will account for your specific retirement goals and their expected expenses.
  • Inside the Numbers Final Report – This final report will breakdown various scenarios that could occur in the market and how they would impact your proposed financial/retirement plan and the distribution of those savings to fund your personalized retirement goals.

Call an Experienced Financial Planner in Scottsdale, AZ

Ready to get started and to schedule your no-cost no-obligation financial planning session? Reach out to us now by calling one of our financial planning experts at (480) 214-9572 or to learn more about this limited-time offer you can visit our website at the following link here.

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