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At ARQ Wealth, we are your trusted investment management Scottsdale firm. We believe that every client deserves to be set up for long-term success with their financial and retirement planning. We offer younger clients with growing nest eggs the ability to take advantage of a boutique-style financial planning and asset management program that typically is only available to wealthy individuals. Our goal is to help create a new wave of millionaires.

Our ARQ Wealth Builder™ includes full-service investing and financial planning help to get you on the path to financial security. If you’re ready to commit to a path of regular savings and investing, and are committed to success, we’re ready to help!

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Investment Management Scottsdale - ARQ Wealth - Scottsdale, AZ

What's Included?

Investment Strategy

We create a disciplined investment strategy that includes a diversified portfolio and monthly savings goals that put your retirement dreams within reach.

Retirement Accounts Strategy

We help you make any necessary adjustments with your current 401k accounts and any other relevant retirement plans. We help with 401k rollovers, alternative retirement plans, and much more.

Review and Support

We will schedule semi-annual meetings with you to review and analyze your results and make sure you're on track. You can rest easy knowing we provide unlimited support via email, phone, and text.

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Common Investment Management Pitfalls

Unexpected Medical Costs

Sun Life Financial provided data from a study that they conducted which showed 90% of the participants had no idea how much their future medicals would be, whether it was this upcoming year or when they retired and didn't have the steady income anymore. With the rapid increase in healthcare costs, it can be difficult to predict these future expenses at the beginning of your career - that's where we come in. We specialize in financial and retirement planning that helps provide a comprehensive picture of how much you will need to save monthly to take control of the retirement that you deserve. Not sure where to start with financial planning? Reach out to one of our ARQ Wealth experts today!

No Portfolio Diversification

Most of the young investors that we work with in the ARQ Wealth Builder™ platform are only contributing to their company-sponsored 401k plan and have no idea what to do with the rest of their disposable income. It can get overwhelming with all of the different places that you could put your money, how do you know that your investment management firm has your best interests in mind? As a fiduciary fee only financial advisory firm, ARQ Wealth works with your unique situation and financial goals to make a plan that clearly explains the benefit of each financial instrument used and helps mitigate risk by diversifying your investments depending on your specific risk tolerance. You can learn more by giving us a call today.

Lack of Financial Plan Stress Testing

A report published from Yahoo Finance in February of 2020 showed that approximately 49% of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. This challenge is not unique to only those making lower incomes, as even 25% of those making more than $150,000 per year are living paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, this is an issue with a lack of budgeting and too much consumption. With a lack of emergency savings in place, it's key for every young investor to stress test their investment management strategy to make sure that they would be able to survive unexpected bills such as medical expenses, a drop in the stock and/or housing market, or a personal tragedy. We work with our ARQ Wealth Builder™ clients to help set up budgeting for better financial habits and stress testing to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected events in life.

Not Looking Into 401k Options

The average young investor will simply contribute the minimum amount to their employer-sponsored 401k and not think twice about that strategy. Additional options can be confusing and overwhelming such as can you rollover your 401k and what are the benefits, what percentage should you contribute to your 401k, and what are the tax implications when you eventually withdraw that money out of these accounts? At ARQ Wealth, we work with you and provide the personalized financial guidance that is needed to analyze your current situation and provide our best advice for how to make the most of your 401k contributions. Don't put off setting yourself up to meet your financial and retirement goals anymore!

Not Using Tax-Efficient Strategies

Tax-efficient investment management strategy is often overlooked by younger professionals. Instead, they use a simple program like TurboTax and don't even consider leveraging strategies that would help them save more of their hard-earned money throughout their careers. At ARQ Wealth, we specialize in creating tax-efficient investing strategies for our clients. We first go through your current investment strategy and financial situation. After this, we will provide you with recommended next steps to not only help you prepare for retirement, but also to do it in a tax-efficient way. Finally, we execute on the agreed-upon plan and provide periodic updates with additional data to show you how the results of the plan.

No Clearly-Defined Financial Plan

The most common mistake that we have seen across all ages of investors is having no clearly-defined plan for their retirement. Whether it's the total number of savings they will need, how many years they'll need to work, or what their plans will be once they actually retire - most investors don't think it through and are just guessing. Especially as a young professional, the decisions that you make now carry much more weight for your financial future as you have more time to lock into place good financial habits that will compound as you continue to work in your career. We maintain a low client to advisor ratio of 60:1 so that we can ensure that we provide the time and attention that every single ARQ Wealth Builder™ client deserves. Contact us today to get started to take control of your financial and retirement future.