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ARQ Wealth is the most trusted Scottsdale investment management firm, offering a full suite of comprehensive financial advisory services. Although we are based in Scottsdale, we offer wealth management services across the nation and currently serve clients across 30 different states.

At ARQ Wealth, we are working to create a new wave of millionaires. We achieve this by giving each of our clients access to a team of financial advisors, ensuring that they get the best possible financial planning services. 

A cornerstone of our wealth management strategy is to ensure that each of our talented financial advisors has a maximum of just 50 clients. This boutique approach to our client relationships ensures that each of our financial advisors can dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensure the success of each client. 

This financial planning and asset administration strategy is especially valuable to younger clients with growing nest eggs, as this boutique level of attention is typically only available to wealthy individuals

Our ARQ Wealth Builder™ includes full-service investing, financial planning, and wealth management assistance to get you on the path to financial security. If you’re ready to commit to a path of regular savings and investing and are committed to success, we’re ready to help!


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What's Included?

Investment Strategy

We create a disciplined investment strategy for each client that includes both a monthly savings goal as well as a diversified portfolio strategy.

This financial planning strategy helps put your financial and retirement goals on a conveyor belt toward success. Our simple, yet effective approach has helped ARQ Wealth become one of the top Scottsdale investment management firms, with $440 million in assets under management and a client retention rate of 98%.

The best part is that our investment strategy is applicable to people of all saving levels—even if you’re just getting started on your investment journey.

Retirement Accounts Strategy

At ARQ Wealth, we can help you make any necessary adjustments to your current 401k accounts or any other similar retirement plans. This includes 401k rollovers, alternative retirement plans, and much more. If you currently have a retirement account(s) set up, but aren’t entirely sure how to handle it, then we’re here to help. This is especially important for employees who have hopped from employer to employer and might have a few different accounts in their name.

Review and Support

Twice a year, we will meet with you to review and analyze your investment performance and make sure you're still on track to achieve your financial goals. You can rest easy knowing we provide unlimited support via email, phone, and text.

For customers who are out of state, we can arrange a virtual meeting or phone call.

But, as a Scottsdale investment management firm, we’re happy to meet with local customers face-to-face. By providing next-level customer support, we aim to bring a level of transparency to wealth management that’s unheard of in Scottsdale.

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Benefits of Working With ARQ Wealth

Budgeting for Medical Costs

Preparing for medical bills in retirement should be a key pillar of your retirement planning strategy. But, unfortunately, it’s often treated as an afterthought.

According to data from Sun Life Financial, 90% of people surveyed had no idea how much their future medical costs would be—either this year or down the road. With the rapid increase in healthcare costs, it can be difficult to predict these future expenses at the beginning of your career. That's where ARQ Wealth comes in.

We specialize in offering a wealth management strategy that can help bring clarity to life’s most difficult questions, such as, “How much should I budget for healthcare in retirement?” To get started, reach out to an ARQ Wealth financial advisor today.

Taking Advantage of Tax-Efficient Investing Strategies

As the saying goes, investing isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how much you keep. But, maintaining a tax-efficient investment management strategy is often overlooked by younger professionals.

Most often, young investors will use a simple program like TurboTax that offers a generalized approach to filing taxes. The issue is that these are one-size-fits-all solutions—which means you might be leaving money on the table by using them. Instead of using general tax filing software, young professionals should consider leveraging personalized tax-efficient investing strategies. Making a small tweak in how you invest your money could help you save an enormous sum over the course of your career.

At ARQ Wealth, we specialize in creating tax-efficient investing strategies for our clients. Once you’re paired with a financial advisor, they will review your current investment strategy and financial situation.

After this, they will provide you with recommended next steps to not only help you prepare for retirement but to do it in a tax-efficient way. Finally, your financial advisor will execute the agreed-upon plan and provide periodic updates with additional data to show you how the results of the wealth management plan.

Proper Portfolio Diversification

Most of the young investors that we work with in the ARQ Wealth Builder™ platform are only contributing to their company-sponsored 401k plan and have no idea what to do with the rest of their disposable income.

We know that it can be confusing to know where you should be investing your money, with so many different types of plans in the financial services industry. Investing is a highly personalized task and each client requires specific planning. This is part of the reason why we limit each ARQ Wealth-certified financial planner to just 50 clients. Since you have very different financial goals than your peers, investing your money is a very personalized task.

By working with an ARQ Wealth financial advisor, you can ensure that your investments are aligned with your goals, while still achieving the proper level of portfolio diversification to minimize your risk.

Detailed Overview of Your 401(k) Options

When it comes to financial planning, the average young investor tends to contribute the minimum amount to their employer-sponsored 401k and not think twice about that strategy.

By not fully researching their options, many young investors leave money on the table. But, doing the research yourself can be challenging. This is why many young professionals choose to partner with an ARQ Wealth financial advisor.

Should you rollover your 401k? What are the benefits of doing so? What percentage should you contribute to your 401k? Should you open an IRA if you already have a 401(k)? What are the tax implications when you eventually withdraw that money out of these accounts?

There is a seemingly endless number of questions to answer when it comes to retirement planning. At ARQ Wealth, we provide the personalized financial guidance needed to help you answer all of these questions and more. Rest assured, we’ll help you make the most of your most of your 401k contributions.

Free Financial Plan Stress Testing

Creating a savings and investment plan is just one side of the financial planning coin. Once you’ve established a plan, you need to test it to ensure that it will withstand any unexpected events in life. We work with our ARQ Wealth Builder™ clients to offer a double-sided approach to wealth management: Setting up budgeting for better financial habits while also stress testing that plan for risk management purposes, to ensure that you are prepared for any of the unexpected events in life.

A report published by Yahoo Finance in February 2020 showed that approximately 49% of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. This challenge is not unique to low-income households, as even 25% of those making more than $150,000 per year are living paycheck to paycheck.

Therefore, we can assume that this issue stems from a lack of adequate budgeting. With a lack of emergency savings in place, it's key for every young investor to stress test their investment management strategy to make sure that they would be able to survive unexpected bills such as medical expenses, a drop in the stock and/or housing market, or a personal tragedy.

Investment Management You Can Trust

How do you know that your investment management firm has your best interests in mind? For customers of ARQ Wealth, this is an easy question to answer. ARQ Wealth is a fiduciary fee-only investment wealth management Scottsdale-based firm. This means that our team of financial advisors receives a flat fee for their services, instead of a commission.

In other words, an ARQ Wealth certified financial planner does not have the incentive to sell you financial products that don’t align with your personal goals—the same cannot be said for many other wealth management firms.

In addition to being a fee-only firm, ARQ Wealth is a Nationally recognized RIA and has received a certification from the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard. As fiduciaries, it means that any financial advisor working with ARQ Wealth has a legal responsibility to advise their clients in a way that benefits the client—not the firm.

This is yet another way that ARQ Wealth goes above and beyond to maximize transparency in the wealth management industry. You can learn more by giving us a call today to speak with a certified financial planner about the wealth management plan that would be best for you.

Creating a Clearly-Defined Financial Plan

Perhaps the most common financial planning mistake that we see across all ages of investors is a lack of a clearly defined financial plan. In general, most investors do not know the answer to many financial questions, such as how much savings they’ll need to retire, how many years they'll need to work, or what their plans will be once they actually retire. By working with ARQ Wealth, we help eliminate the guesswork from financial planning and wealth management.

As a young professional, the decisions that you make now carry much more weight for your financial future as you have more time to lock into place good financial habits that will compound as you continue to work in your career.

To help set you on a course for success, we maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio of 50:1 so that we can ensure that your financial advisor can give you the time and attention that you deserve.

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