The ARQ Wealth Millionaires Club™

Many younger individuals want help to work toward financial success…but most advisors don’t want to hear from them until they’ve got more assets. Sound like you? If so, we can help.

At ARQ Wealth, we believe that every client deserves to be a Millionaire. We offer younger clients with growing nest eggs the ability to take advantage of a boutique-style financial planning and asset management program that typically is only available to wealthy individuals. Our goal is to help create a new wave of millionaires.

Our ARQ Wealth Millionaires Club™ includes full-service investing and financial planning help to get you on the path to financial security. If you’re ready to commit to a path of regular savings and investing, and are committed to success, we’re ready to help!

What’s included:

  • We will help you create a disciplined investment strategy and monthly savings goals that put your retirement goals within reach.
  • We will invest your portfolio in a diversified, low-cost asset allocation strategy and rebalance the assets quarterly, helping you sell high and buy low.
  • We will also help you manage your 401k or other employer retirement plan.
  • We will schedule semi-annual meetings with you to review and analyze your results, making sure that you remain on track.
  • We provide unlimited support for you via email, phone and text to help you stay on track and avoid big mistakes.

All this is provided for one simple asset-based fee, which starts about 20% below  the industry standard.

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