What makes ARQ different


The ARQ Process – "Asking the Right Question”

We believe investment solutions cannot be determined with a simple questionnaire or algorithm.  We recognize every client is different.  The “right” question is unique.  It’s why we ask a lot of them – We want to identify outcomes most meaningful to you.  Our discovery process is multi-faceted and multidimensional. Together, we develop a plan to achieve those outcomes.



Low Client/Advisor Ratios –

Clients have a greater likelihood of achieving their goals when they have immediate access to experienced, objective and trusted counsel.  Often times that need is greatest when markets are at their worst. It’s hard, if not impossible, to touch base with 300 – 400 clients during periods of market turmoil.

At ARQ we limit our advisors to a maximum of 50 relationships. True, it’s a more expensive way to do business, but we created the firm to maximize our clients’ success, not corporate margins.



Our Motivation –

Each of us left large institutions because we wanted to focus on delivering exceptional experiences for our clients, unencumbered by corporate conflicts.

Managing to sales goals, firm profits, proprietary products, or stakeholder demands does not appeal to us.  Managing to client goals does!

Helping our clients achieve their financial goals is incredibly gratifying for us. Simply put, that is our motivation.



Our Intellectual Capital –

The knowledge earned over decades of education, training and practice cannot be manufactured, duplicated or replicated.  The only way to get it is to earn it.

At ARQ, in our 72 years of combined experience we have advised on more than $10B in client assets, spent more than 10,000 hours in one-on-one conversations and implemented more than 3,000 financial plans.

We believe accessing this depository of intellectual capital is one of the greatest values we can offer our clients.  When quantified, the value of non-investment advice and guidance often surpass the management fee in any given year.