The ARQ Wealth Advantage


Over 76 years of combined financial industry experience. Work with a CFP®.

Unbiased Advice

We use “best in class” selection criteria for choosing mutual funds and ETFs for your portfolio. We are not motivated by mutual fund commissions or fees.


We take a disciplined long term approach, and believe that portfolio management is a marathon, not a sprint. Our firm customizes portfolios to meet each client’s specific goals and objectives.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Based on extensive research, we execute strategic shifts within structured guidelines in order to enhance portfolio performance  and manage risk.

Open Architecture

We have access to thousands of mutual funds and ETFs, including ultra low-cost institutional shares.

Low Fees

Our asset management fees are below the industry average.

Low Taxes

We use tax-efficient strategies when developing and managing client portfolios.

Financial Planning

Through detailed analysis, we illustrate that our clients are on the right track to achieve their retirement goals, identifying potential obstacles and offering tailored solutions.


We service clients in 23 states.

Our Mission

Our firm’s mission is to deliver exceptional service, implement customized portfolio solutions, and assess fees below the industry average.

The personalized level of attention our clients receive is the cornerstone of our business, and because we are a “fee-only” firm, we act in our clients’ best interests.  We receive no third-party compensation, and all recommendations are completely unbiased.

Whether you are accumulating wealth for retirement or need an income strategy during retirement, ARQ Wealth Advisors is dedicated to achieving your financial goals.

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